C4 Therapeutics Mission

C4 Therapeutics is harnessing the innate power of the body to control the quality of proteins within cells. Our approach uses drugs to target disease-causing proteins for destruction. This breakthrough technology offers many advantages for the treatment of cancer and other diseases, while avoiding traditional drug resistance.

These drugs will provide new options for patients
with life-threatening and life-impairing conditions.


C4 Therapeutics is pioneering the development of molecules that perform two powerful functions at the same time: recruiting a disease-relevant protein and recruiting the cellular machinery that targets proteins for degradation. A prototypical DEGRONIMID™ molecule of the type we are pioneering, dBET1, is shown below.


dBET1 causes degradation of BRD4, a key epigenetic reader protein that some cancers cells depend on for function. At a molecular level, the DEGRONIMID™ acts by recruiting the E3 ligase cereblon – part of the ubiquitin-proteasome system (UPS) – to BRD4. This results in transfer of ubiquitin – nature’s tag for degradation – to BRD4 and ultimately causes targeted degradation of BRD4 by the proteasome.

At C4T we have developed a platform based on the DEGRONIMID™ concept that allows C4T to discover and develop new therapeutics that address a broad range of diseases, including cancer, central nervous system, cardiovascular, GI, and immune disorders. In addition to internal projects targeting proteins in these areas we are also developing new degradation technologies. World-changing collaborative science plays an important role at C4T and we are partnering with others to develop DEGRONIMID™ molecules for specific targets.  Read more...

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