C4 Therapeutics Announces Publication in Nature Chemical Biology on Degradation Technologies Licensed from Dana-farber Cancer Institute

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – C4 Therapeutics (C4T) today announced that an independent study featuring targeted protein degradation technologies licensed by the Company from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute were published in Nature Chemical Biology. The paper (DOI: 10.1038/s41589-018-0021-8) describes a system using a degradation tag (dTAG) for proteins that is broadly applicable to target validation for drug discovery.

“Degradation has emerged as an exciting new direction for drug discovery and the dTAG system allows the rapid degradation of engineered proteins for target validation and biological investigation,” said Dr. Nathanael Gray, one of the senior authors on the paper, and a C4T Founder. “Results from this study also demonstrate the use of the degradation tag system in living organisms to elucidate the consequences of degrading key proteins of interest such as KRAS.”

“C4T is excited to make use of the dTAG system as part of our overall platform for targeted protein degradation,” said Andy Phillips, President and Chief Scientific Officer of C4 Therapeutics. “In addition to using it for target validation, we have pioneered its application to the control of chimeric-antigen receptor (CAR) expressing T-cells. This allows small molecule control of the level of CARs on T-cells and affords reversible control of their killing of tumor cells.”

About C4 Therapeutics

C4 Therapeutics is pioneering a new class of drugs. C4’s technology platform produces small molecule drugs that harness machinery already present in cells to selectively target disease-relevant proteins for degradation. Our approach has the potential to address a broad range of diseases including cancer, infectious disease, and autoimmune disorders. To learn more about C4 Therapeutics, visit www.C4Therapeutics.com.

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