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C4 Therapeutics is harnessing the innate power of the body to control the quality of proteins within cells.  Our approach uses drugs to target disease-causing proteins for destruction.  This breakthrough technology offers many advantages for the treatment of cancer and other diseases, while avoiding traditional drug resistance.

Latest News

C4 Therapeutics Appoints Ron Kaiser as Chief Financial Officer

blue circlesCAMBRIDGE, Mass. November 14, 2017 - C4 Therapeutics (C4T)  Ron brings to C4 Therapeutics over 35 years of executive and financial management experience, serving as a Director, CEO and CFO for public companies and venture-backed portfolio companies in the technology and life sciences industries including Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, OTG Software, Trusted Information Systems, Charmilles Technology Manufacturing Corporation, Leeco Diagnostics, Inc., Somanetics Corporation, and Photon Sources, Inc.  Ron is a Certified Board Leadership Fellow of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) and holds dual BA degrees in accounting and multi-disciplinary pre-law from Michigan State University.  read more... 

C4 Therapeutics Appoints Michael Kim as VP of Business Development

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. August 11, 2017 C4 Therapeutics (C4T) today announced the appointment of Michael Kim, Ph.D., as Vice President of Business Development. Dr. Kim comes to C4 Therapeutics from ARIAD Pharmaceuticals where he held responsibilities for partnering activities around early and late stage programs in addition to portfolio strategy and alliance management. He started his business career as a strategy consultant with Leerink Swann and Company and progressed to Corporate Strategy and Business Development roles of increasing responsibility at Alkermes, Vertex Pharmaceuticals and FORUM Pharmaceuticals. He received his post-doctoral training as an NIH NRSA Fellow at Harvard Medical School and holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Rochester. read more...


C4 Therapeutics Announces the Addition of Leading Researchers to SAB

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. July 27, 2017 C4 Therapeutics (C4T) today announced the appointment of Scott Armstrong, M.D, Ph.D., and Ross Levine, MD, to the Company's Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).

“C4T has established a scientific advisory board that brings together leading scientists and physicians representing a range of disciplines,” said Andrew (Andy) Phillips, Ph.D., President and Chief Scientific Officer of C4 Therapeutics. "We are delighted to have Scott and Ross, both expert physician-scientists in the hematology-oncology field, join our team to advise us as we advance our technology and deliver on our key research objectives and operational goals of the Company.” read more




What We Do

C4 Therapeutics is harnessing the innate power of the body to control the quality of proteins within cells. Our approach uses drugs to target disease-causing proteins for destruction. This breakthrough technology offers many advantages for the treatment of cancer and other diseases, while avoiding traditional drug resistance.

In June 2015, Jay Bradner, MD and co-workers at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, showed that derivatives of thalidomide could be used to target specific proteins for degradation. This ground breaking research, which began in 2011, is now being advanced toward clinical impact by C4 Therapeutics, which was founded in late 2015 by Dr Bradner, along with Ken Anderson, MD, Nathanael Gray PHD, and Marc Cohen.
At C4 Therapeutics, we are combining world-class expertise in medicinal chemistry, protein biochemistry, biophysics and structural biology with pharmacology and disease biology. Our approach - which is centered on the Degronimid™ platform - prizes innovative and collaborative science, both internally and externally.


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