A new generation of medicines for transformative impact

Targeted protein degradation (TPD) is an emerging field of medical research backed by a growing body of clinical data gathered over two decades. As the field continues to advance, we believe in TPD’s potential to improve patient outcomes over existing medicines and treat diseases that cannot be addressed with current therapies.

All of our investigational medicines are orally bioavailable small molecules, offering the potential for ease of administration for patients and physicians.

TPD has improved and sustained potency, high selectivity and an expansive target landscape. It also has several potential advantages over other therapeutic modalities:

  • Bind to any surface on a disease-causing protein

    Degraders can bind to any surface on a disease-causing protein, rather than only an active site. The ability to bind to any surface means degraders have the potential to address targets that are not reachable by current therapies.

  • Degraders act on multiple copies of the disease-causing protein

    Degraders can remove many copies of the disease-causing protein, rather than just blocking a single protein, resulting in relatively lower doses, limiting the opportunity for off-target effects.

  • Durable effect

    Degraders can have a lasting effect even after the medicine is cleared from the body because the only way for protein function to return is through protein resynthesis. This continuous effect offers the potential to treat patients with a lower dose.

  • Overcome resistance

    Since resistance is often caused by mutations in the target binding site or altered function, degraders can overcome these mechanisms because degradation removes all target protein functions and is not as dependent on association with the functional binding site.

  • Specificity to the disease-causing protein

    Degraders are often more specific for the desired target protein than inhibitors since each step in the degradation process acts as a filter. This makes degraders more precise medicines with fewer off-target interactions that can lead to adverse side effects.

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A new generation of medicines for transformative impact

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