Advancing new medicines to improve patient outcomes

We believe targeted protein degradation (TPD) will transform the way disease is treated. Our team includes healthcare providers, caregivers or family members of patients—we are all driven to advance new medicines to treat cancer. Across C4 Therapeutics, we are dedicated to delivering on the promise of targeted protein degradation science to create a new generation of medicines that transform patients’ lives.

Our investigational medicines are pills. These medicines, all currently in clinical trials, contain our breakthrough TPD science that instructs the body’s natural recycling system to rapidly eliminate the proteins that cause disease.

Advancing new medicines to improve patient outcomes

TPD is an emerging way to treat diseases that works by harnessing the body’s natural protein recycling system through a small molecule medicine to rapidly eliminate disease-causing proteins. The novel TPD field is quickly advancing investigational therapies that have the potential to overcome drug resistance mechanisms, reach disease-causing targets that are currently considered undruggable and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

TPD may offer many advantages for patients living with cancer and other diseases. In contrast to traditional therapies that block the activity of disease-causing proteins, our investigational medicines are designed to completely eliminate the proteins that cause disease. Additionally, TPD has the potential to overcome resistance to other therapies, one of the leading causes of relapse for cancer patients. We also believe TPD has the potential to treat diseases that do not currently have any effective therapies.

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