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C4 Therapeutics is harnessing the innate power of the body to control the quality of proteins within cells.  Our approach uses drugs to target disease-causing proteins for destruction.  This breakthrough technology offers many advantages for the treatment of cancer and other diseases, while avoiding traditional drug resistance.

Latest News

Biogen and C4 Therapeutics Collaborate for New Treatments in Neurological Conditions

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CAMBRIDGE and WATERTOWN, MA – Jan. 4, 2019Biogen Inc (Nasdaq: BIIB) and C4 Therapeutics (C4T) announced today that they have entered into a strategic collaboration to investigate the use of C4T’s novel protein degradation platform to discover and develop potential new treatments for neurological conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Under the agreement, C4T will provide expertise and research services in targeted protein degradation and Biogen will provide neuroscience expertise and drug development capabilities. Biogen and C4T will research potential targets together and Biogen will advance candidates for development and potential  read more...

Roche and C4 Therapeutics Enter Into Collaboration for Degrader-based Medicines

blue circlesWATERTOWN, MA January 4, 2019 - C4 Therapeutics (C4T) announced the transformation of its ongoing research and development partnership with Roche focusing on new cancer treatments based on C4T’s targeted protein degradation technology.

“We are excited to see our partnership with Roche evolve and further accelerate our efforts to bring degrader-based medicines into the clinic,” said Andrew Phillips, PhD, President and CEO of C4 Therapeutics. “Roche has been a valued and excellent partner since we started our collaboration in 2016.  This transformed partnership reflects how much both parties believe in the potential of degraders as a new treatment  read more...

C4 Therapeutics Announces Appointment of Andrew Phillips, Ph.D. as President and CEO

blue circlesWATERTOWN, MA May 3, 2018 - C4 Therapeutics (C4T) today announced that Andrew Phillips, Ph.D. has been appointed as President and Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Phillips has been leading C4T’s scientific efforts as Chief Scientific Officer since January 2016 and assumed corporate leadership responsibilities with his added appointment as President in September 2016. In conjunction with Dr. Phillips appointment as CEO, Stewart Fisher, Ph.D., has been promoted to Chief Scientific Officer.

“Andy has played a key role in C4T’s growth and has helped define who we are today as a Company,” said Marc Cohen, co-founder and Executive Chairman of C4T. “In addition to being a world-class scientist, read more...

What We Do

C4 Therapeutics is harnessing the innate power of the body to control the quality of proteins within cells. Our approach uses drugs to target disease-causing proteins for destruction. This breakthrough technology offers many advantages for the treatment of cancer and other diseases, while avoiding traditional drug resistance.

In June 2015, Jay Bradner, MD and co-workers at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, showed that derivatives of thalidomide could be used to target specific proteins for degradation. This ground breaking research, which began in 2011, is now being advanced toward clinical impact by C4 Therapeutics, which was founded in late 2015 by Dr Bradner, along with Ken Anderson, MD, Nathanael Gray PHD, and Marc Cohen.

At C4 Therapeutics, we are combining world-class expertise in medicinal chemistry, protein biochemistry, biophysics and structural biology with pharmacology and disease biology. Our approach - which is centered on the Degronimid™ platform - prizes innovative and collaborative science, both internally and externally.


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