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Partnerships & Collaborations

In May 2023, C4T and Betta Pharmaceuticals entered into a strategic collaboration to develop CFT8919 in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Under the terms of the agreement, C4T is eligible for up to $357 million in potential milestones plus royalties on net sales.

In January of 2019, C4T and Roche announced a transformation of their strategic collaboration initiated in January of 2016. C4T will develop degraders targeting a specified set of proteins through defined pre-clinical or early clinical milestones and Roche will have exclusive options for world wide rights to continue development and commercialize products from the collaboration.

In March of 2017, C4T and Calico announced a collaboration to discover, develop, and commercialize therapies for treating disease of aging, including cancer. Under the partnership, the companies will leverage C4T’s expertise and capabilities in small molecule degraders to pursue preclinical development and Calico will be responsible for clinical development and commercialization of product that may emerge from the partnership.

In January of 2019, C4T and Biogen announced a strategic collaboration to investigate the use of C4T’s novel protein degradation platform to discover and develop potential new treatments for neurological conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Under the agreement, C4T will provide expertise and research services in targeted protein degradation and Biogen will provide neuroscience expertise and drug development capabilities. Biogen and C4T will research potential targets together and Biogen will advance candidates for development and potential commercialization.

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Interested in partnering with us to research and develop MonoDAC™ or BiDAC™ degraders and bring degrader-based medicines to patients?

Please email us at: BD@c4therapeutics.com