Beginning with oncology, C4T is advancing multiple internal and partnered investigational degraders towards the clinic. Our balanced approach to target different cancers maximizes patient impact.

9 Additional Undisclosed Collaborator Programs in Discovery
We are advancing two types of protein degraders, each of which is intended to result in the same end point — the specific degradation of the target proteins of interest:
  • We refer to the first type of degrader as MonoDACs™, which are Monofunctional Degradation Activating Compounds, which function by binding to E3 ligases and creating a new surface on the E3 ligases that enhances the binding of the E3 ligases to target proteins. MonoDACs are sometimes referred to as “glue degraders.”
  • We refer to our second type of degrader as BiDACs™, which are Bifunctional Degradation Activating Compounds, which are designed so that one end of the molecule binds to the disease-causing target protein and the other end binds to the E3 ligase. BiDACs are sometimes referred to as “heterobifunctional degraders.“